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All That Glitters

I don’t wear a lot of jewelry. My engagement and wedding ring are basically it. But I have collected a few things over time and along the way. In all of my acquisitions, one thing was always very clear to me. I didn’t like gold jewelry. Really. Up until very recently I would openly tell people how little I liked it. Then a few months ago, I was rummaging around for a piece of jewelry to wear to a party and I realized, as I dug through the disorganized jumble that is my limited jewelry collection, that most of it is gold. Gasp! I’ve no idea how that happened, but I’ve changed my tune towards the precious metal and am embracing this universal act of kismet. Forthwith, a few pieces from my golden treasure box.

Jewelry Plate Amanda Luttrell Garrigus.JPG

A little plate with a lot of gold-plate

Gold and Turquoise Ring Amanda Luttrell Garrigus.JPG

Gold and Turquoise Ring inherited from my mother-in-law

Butterfly Pin Amanda Luttrell Garrigus.JPG

Butterfly gifted to me from Frankie B.

Pineapple Necklace Amanda Luttrell Garrigus.JPG

Pineapple Necklace from my grandmother

Jewelry Box Amanda Luttrell Garrigus.JPG

Jewelry Box from Samantha Wills filled with a jumble of jewelry

Gold Bangles Amanda Luttrell Garrigus.JPG

Gold Bangles from Pakistan that belonged to my mother-in-law

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