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And Sometimes I Sing

My dad was an economist, and a professor, and… he also sang in the Canadian Opera Company. So, being the daddy’s girl that I am/was, I too have a bit of a wacky duality to my creative life. I’m a writer, sometimes TV correspondent, and, wait for it, a singer! Yes, that’s right. I fall into the ranks of all those stars (except I’m not a star), who had thriving careers (maybe mine isn’t as robust) and who, with varying degrees of success, all of a sudden decided they were going to have a singing career too (and nobody understands it, save maybe their parents).

People like Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Tyra Banks, Jamie Lynn Sigler, Eddie Murphy, Kobe Bryant, (no I’m not making this up), Shaquille O’Neal, Bruce Willis, and the list goes on, I mean, the shame! Then last of all, little ‘ol me. Unless your career royally supports the claim, the admission that you are a singer, on the side, is usually met by (likely deserved) eye rolls. Still we trudge on, through emotional rain or sleet or snow. But why?? Because it feels so good. Is there anything that lifts the spirit better than belting out a rousing rendition of I Will Survive? Or feeds the melancholy more than Jeff Buckley’s Hallelujah? Sends chills just thinking about it.

So I sing because it’s in my blood, because it makes me happy, because we only live once and we should follow our hearts even if they lead us away from the herd. Now, after all that preamble, if you want to hear a thing or two, click here or, better yet, here for a little song I wrote myself. Like it or not, there will be lots more to come. Why don’t you join me and raise your voice in song? Whether you're pitchy or pitch perfect, it’s gonna feel so good. xo

Amanda Luttrell Garrigus Single Outtake.jpg

Photo by Loyd Bateman

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