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The Dreamy To Do List

This is not a bucket list. I don’t like to think of my dreams as things that I want to do before I die, even though they are. That’s just stating the morbidly obvious. I prefer to think of them as lovely aspirations that I will indulge in one of these days, hopefully sooner rather than later. One of my daughters’ wonderful babysitters, a young actress who is as pretty on the inside as she is on the out, reminded me of this brilliant thing called a dream board. I’d never made one, though I’d heard people say they are a mysterious and effective way to bring your dreams to life. So, forthwith, the first few entries on my digital dream board…

Riding Arabian Horses Across the Bedouin Desert; or Andalusians through Spain; or whatever kind of horse they ride across polo fields in Argentina… you get the picture.


(photo by Dave Kai Piper)

Losing myself on the beaches of St. Barts

Saint Barts.png

Yachting and eating with great friends in Capri

Capri yacht.png

Attending a dinner party at Valentino’s home near Paris

Valentino dinner.png

Standing for a couture fitting at Chanel in Paris

Chanel Couture fitting.png

Eating pasta with my husband in Rome

Pasta in Rome Travel & Leisure.png

Running with my girls across a sun burnt lawn in Tuscany


(photo Tuscany Now)

Strolling with my sisters in the South of France, preferably with wine


Having my picture taken by Patrick Demarchelier


Filling the walls of my home with beautiful art

Jacob Kassay.png

(photo Jacob Kassay)

Having enough walls in my home to fill with beautiful art

Michael Kohn Gallery.png

My actual board in progress; needs a little work…

My actual board_edited.JPG

What's on your dreamy to-do list?

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