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To selfie or not to selfie? That is the question I mull over every time I, well, take a selfie. Which, if you’ve visited my Instagram page, you know I do pretty often. And behind each selfie I post are 20 or so snaps that I hated, or as many that I loved and had to sift through to find the one I would share with the world. Or whoever happens by my page. Here, I’d like to shout out to my mom, ever reliably clicking and commenting. Thanks mom!

And though I know it’s a widely accepted, nay some would say necessary practice, I still feel some embarrassment around the whole “look at me!” thing. Is it an ugly reveal of my (not so) inner narcissist? Or is it just human nature to marvel at our own reflections and to want others to marvel back? “OMG you are gorge!” “Aw, thanks! I woke up like this!” Is this blog post just an abhorrent, thinly veiled excuse to post more selfies?!

Whatever the case, I choose surrender. I’m trust falling into the arms of social media acolytes and selfie-ing my way toward a happier, brighter future! That’s how it works, right? Wait, don’t answer that… I gotta take a selfie. ;)

Amanda Luttrell Garrigus Selfie Blog

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