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Me, Calypso, Raju and You

Today I had the great pleasure and good fortune to spend the morning with KTLA at Calypso St. Barth. I was thrilled to be able to talk about Raju the elephant, who famously cried when rescued from 50 years of torturous captivity, and Wildlife SOS, the charitable organization that saved him. As an African woman born in Tanzania, I feel a particular affinity for the elephant, also a native of my country of birth. Yes, Raju is an Indian elephant, and there are differences between them and the African elephants who roam the Serengeti, but I hope for them to thrive just the same. A world without elephants would be a sad place indeed. Let's do our part to help these majestic, intelligent animals live with dignity and flourish in the wild! Shop the charitable t-shirt here, and check out my segment here to learn more.


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