Love is (still) in the Air

February 19, 2015

I love lingerie, more now than ever before actually. I went through a phase these last few years when I thought boy briefs and basic under-things were the way to go. I figured they were sexy and chic in all their understatement. And it was working for a while. But then, a couple weeks ago, I popped into a certain store that sells all kinds of fun lingerie (and other paraphernalia) and I went to town. Pink lace, black lace, bralettes and garters, you name it, I bought it. It was as though I had spent the last few years crossing the Gobi desert with barely enough water, and I’d arrived at a fresh mountain spring. Not sure if that’s geographically possible, but let’s assume it is for the sake of good(ish) story telling. I had forgotten just how much fun great lingerie could be, and how great it can make you feel. My body isn’t perfect. Not even close, (two babies later anyone?), but I don’t think perfect is a prerequisite for sexy. I think our “flaws” are what give us character and make us uniquely beautiful. Am I telling myself what I need to hear? Maybe. Do I believe it? Heck ya. So then I went on KTLA morning news and talked about it, with the help of a few hottie models. Check it out here. And happy shopping! xo



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