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Every item of clothing in my closet is the star of its own story. Many years ago my husband and I traveled to Paris on the heels of a traumatic life event. Our dear friends encouraged us to get out of LA in the hopes of leaving our troubles behind us. We stayed in a beautiful apartment belonging to a very generous, very successful screenwriter/director, situated directly above Café de Flore. The trip was just the panacea we both needed. And along the way I bought this Étoile Isabel Marant dress from Le Bon Marché.

Every time I wear it I’m reminded of that wonderful trip and I feel like the cosmopolitan world traveler I imagine myself to be, even if those jaunts are all too few and far between. I think it’s time for another…!

Amanda Luttrell Garrigus Etoile Isabel Marant
Amanda Luttrell Garrigus Etoile Isabel Marant
Amanda Luttell Garrigus Etoile Isabel Marant
Isabel Marant 4.jpg

(Le cheapo boots from Melrose Avenue, not Paris)

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